Citywise Directory

What makes us special...

City Wise Directory is a market leader in the supply of consumer data and database services, and remains an independent company since its foundation in 2002. The day to day involvement of the directors ensures that the values of integrity, quality and personal service on which the business was founded are strictly upheld.

What Our client says..

“I have got, which I was looking for a long time. Now, it is easy to me to send our message across my City through SMS and EMAILS. We have added 15% new clients, in span of 2 months, through your Directories”

Jack Dalmyer, Sheffield, UK


"That was exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for your speedy response. I really enjoyed your service and was extremely impressed with Database quality and professionalism. I hope I have the occasion to work with your company in the future!"

Mr.G.G.Heera, Durban, South Africa



“I need to go on record to say what a wonderful job you have done, no one ever thought to work on it- For us, all Asian cities are Target, we never come across such in-depth Directories under one roof for e-marketing.."

Susan L. Kaemmerlen,


We would like to express our warmth and deepest

Thanks to you all you professional that you have done

For our Store Opening, God Bless you all”

Herbert Delos Santos


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